Mermaid Shell Crown - Silver

ZAR 600.00

Make your Mermaid Dreams come true with this Mermazing Shell Crown.

This crown has larger shells and is slightly heavier than other designs.
Not suitable for children.

  • Limited edition - One of a kind
  • Ribbon Tie back for best fit.
  • Decorated with Seashells Rhinestones & Jewels
  • Specifications: One size fits all
  • Dolls head size in pic (without hair 55cm)

We also do custom designs, so feel free to contact us for custom orders.

Mermaids, Please note:
The mermaid crown is made with hand-painted seashells, jewels, and beads. I use at least four different glues to make sure that the end product is durable. I would still advise handling with care, sea shells are organic materials that are not impervious to damage.
The paint and glue are non-toxic and therefore not harmful to marine life. These are mostly used for photo shoots and above-water activities, they are swimmable for short amounts of time, but the jewels could lose their lustre over time and the metal components can corrode over time loosening gems.
Paint colours could also fade with exposure to sun and water.

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