Spooky Lewks

It's all about fun and fantasy for us, so we are here for you this Halloween!
We have some magical suggestions of what makeup looks will make your Sunkissed Crowns shine best. Here are our top 10 Halloween looks for 2021.

1. Mermaid 

One of the most popular themes of all time, everyone wants to be a glittery goddess of the sea, and it's even easier to do this with a mermaid crown from Sunkissed Handmade. 

2. Fairy

Our flower crowns are perfect for fairies,  update your look by matching your makeup to your flower colour palette. To set your face, use a sparkly/illuminating setting spray,  I would personally recommend "dewy skin mist " from @swiitchbeauty. This will help reach that magical and soft fairy glow effect.

3. Flower child 
Our tagline is "free your inner flower child" so this theme is close to our hearts, have fun with this theme by painting daisy freckles on your face or add dried flower petals. The perfect accompaniment to our flower crowns.

4. Flapper girl
Let's go back in time, but never leave the glittery goodness behind! Flapper girls know how to bring SpArKlE to the party!

5. Unicorn
We are happy to do custom orders, feel free to contact us to help make your unicorn dreams come alive. Unicorn makeup is all soft sparkly pastels and rainbows and glorious glittery magic.

6. Frida
We love Frida, with her bold, vibrant colours and passionate creativity. Honor her legacy by dressing in a colourful dress and wearing a bright flower crown. Her makeup look is also fairly easy to replicate. {also, her famous eyebrows were ahead of their time!}

7. Sugar Skull - Day of the dead
A similar look to Frida and a nod to her Mexican roots, Sugar Skull makeup is one of the most iconic and festive looks for Halloween. Match your sugar skull make up with a bold bright  flower crown, or try one of our embellished masks instead of makeup. 

8. Moana - Island Girl
This look never gets old, it's always delightful and we have the perfect crowns for it!
Tropical beauty at its best. You don't even need makeup with this look, but if you want to ....make it sparkle.

9. Mini 
Ok, this one is thrown in here for the cutesy girls who want to wear a tutu and some purdy floral mini mouse ears this Halloween. You don't have to be a kid to love this.

10. Pretty Witch
An Absolute Classic Theme - but make it pretty. Some glorious moonchild-inspired makeup ideas and just about any crown or hat would work with this look.1_witchyjpg

Whatever theme you choose - HAVE FUN! If you purchase one of our crowns for Halloween please tag us on your social posts #sunkissedhandmade or send us a pic to share, we LOVE seeing our clients all dressed up and having fun! #sharethelove

Please note: Inspiration Images off Pinterest
Product images: @sunkissedhandmade